Metro Section: Dangerous Lesions

* WABA bike & gear swap tomorrow from 9:00am - 1:00pm at 8313 Grubb Rd. in Silver Spring. [WABA]

* Most dangerous intersections in DC. [Free Ride]

* "We live in a city divided by the Anacostia River. Ms. Covington's death occurred East of the River, the section of DC with the highest rates of poverty, crime, unemployment and a host of other social issues that need to be addressed. The problem is, these residents are being largely ignored." [District Matters]

* "Does anyone know of any bars with wet t-shirt contests etc., outside of strip clubs? I can't get my girl to go to a strip bar, but I think she'll go to a wet t-shirt contest or something along those lines. Thanks" [CL]

* "You show me someone who is legitimately funny and I'll show you someone with a lot of pain. If nobody laughs at your jokes - you are one of the lucky ones." [CL]


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