Metro Section: Death, Coffee and Guns

* Partially decomposed skull found at Hawaii Avenue and Taylor Street, NE. [stop, blog and roll]

* About half the district's red light traffic cameras are out of service, some for six months. [City Desk]

* If you see a life-sized coffee mug walking around, ask it where you can get a Venti Peppermint Java Chip Frappuccino and see what happens. [The Luck of 13th Street]

* "Surely, however, we can all agree that the District's legal reasoning for continuing the ban is a slap in the face to the District's 580,000+ residents. No matter how much you hate guns (and, despite my merit badges, I despise them), putting the Bill of Rights in jeopardy to maintain a ban that may or may not work is disgusting." [why.i.hate.dc]

* WUSA9 has smart reporters: "I'm counting on any possible intruders avoiding my place because they will think, "That Bruce Johnson probably has a gun in there and would use it if necessary." [Bruce Johnson's Blog]


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