Metro Section: Fanfic

  • Best roommates ever! craigslist]

  • 2 happy reviews of John Hodgman's sold out even at the Warehouse last night. [Adjusting to Being an Adult...Or Not and Brunch Bird]

  • DC Gays of Our Lives made his debut as Lady Violet Blossom, DC's Premier Gay-sha, last night. He recaps his good and band choices: "A Bad choice was not being prepared for the press, when a reporter for a newspaper came up to me and asked me my name it totally didn't occur to me to say 'Lady Violet Blossom' so I gave him the real first name.... and he looked at me like I had a touch of the downs." [DC Gays of Our Lives]

  • Free Howard Stern (from his terrible sense of humor). Sirius Satellite Radio promotion today and tomorrow. [A 'Feel Good' Production]

  • We missed the High Heels race for some lame Cap File party. Will not happen again. [Joe Tresh's Washington]

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