Metro Section: Fascism, Terrorism, and Escalators, Oh My

2005 0606 Marc Image.Jpg Fascist non-realism on the Metro (right). [Articulatory Loop]

No sooner than Kelly Ann Collins returns from retirement than war is declared: "Kelly Ann Collins and her cohorts are terrorists. And I am prepared to take any necessary action." [Official Anacostia Web Diaries Blog]

More for the Metro Metro Section, our favoritest WP graphic ever. "How escalators work." [WP]

The excellently named Radley Balko goes against his rational judgement and thinks bloggers might make a difference; he's asking them to channel their anger about the Raich decision into posts about the Hinchey-Rohrabacher amendment and "The Truth in Trials Act." Put down the dummy pipe, take up the pen. [The Agitator]


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