Metro Section: Fat

* Make peace with your trans fats because we're following NY. [Read Express]

* Smash! reopens in Adams Morgan. [panda head]

* "Mayor Fenty, if you really want to make a statement, forget banners and marches and appeals to common sense. Instead, like any good politician, go for sensationalism. Announce that until the city has voting rights in Congress, you, as a District resident, won't be paying any federal income tax. No representation, no taxation." [The DC Universe]

* "If you work for the DC government (including the schools), you won't even have to take time off work, since Emancipation Day is a city holiday. Otherwise, please consider taking part of the day off and showing that you care about having voting representation in Congress, even if you can attend only the rally at 4 o'clock." [DCDL]

* How inappropriate is your therapist? [an OC girl living in an extraordinary world


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