Metro Section: Feminine Care

  • "WARNING! The next mannerless asshole that can't give up even a modest thank you after I patiently hold the door while you fumble with your Post and Starbucks is going to get a very healthy dose of my pointy-toed pumps straight to your nutsack." [Craigslist]

  • Four Weeks Magazine has 4 content sections, one for each week of your bloody menstrual cycle. The four stages are "Fun and Familiar," "Exciting and Exotic," "Cautious and Caring" and "Indulgent and Introspective." But they forgot "Pregnant and Panicked." [Read Express]

  • We didn't know there was a "celebrity poop craze sweeping the nation." But we're glad DC is loosening up. [Playaz Ball]

  • Asian Mistress posts an Op-Ed her dad sent to the WP. It's about peace and stuff but the real read here is the Asian Mistress' free verse profile poem. [City Sparkle]

  • "Proof I am not ill-read, uneducated, or a dumb blonde perhaps? I am receiveing feedback from friends and family..." That's kind of the whole joke. [On My Home Planet]

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