• DC: a less shitty place to live than other places that are more shitty. [Lawsomnia]

  • Redskins' marketing department great at coming up with ways to, "distract our moronic fans from realizing how we constantly bend them over and fuck them in the ass." [Why I Hate DC]

  • List obsessed Forbes magazine ranks DC 9th in best cities for singles. [Metroblogging DC]

  • The ranking would have been higher if not for the fat flasher of 16th street. [Shiftless Badger]

  • City Paper EIC Erik Wemple is less of a journalist, more of a crusader against hypocrisy in city government and, ah, doggy day spas. [Circumlocutor]

  • The alt-weekly can, however, still be trusted to not miss a single instance of the loony-toon crazy ramblings of Brother Marion.

    [City Paper]


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