Metro Section: Fitted White Jacket Over a Black Sheath Dress

  • Have you heard? Drinking DC tap water will turn you into Jamie Lee Curtis. [why.i.hate.dc]

  • DC might host the 2010 International AIDS Conference, if Congress decides to let disgusting HIV-positive individuals into the country. [Fight HIV in DC]

  • Date needed for Pat Green Concert 9/10/06. [Land Shark]

  • NYT aroused by Katie Couric and her black sheath dress. Dreams of girl-on-girl action with "Lara Logan, an experienced and unusually pretty war correspondent." [POP POP BANG]

  • Marion Barry endorses Fenty -- "Why do I suspect that if Rasheeda 'Bitch set me up' Moore were running for mayor and was way ahead a week before the election, he'd have endorsed her, too?" [The DC Universe]

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