* "A brothel operating above a chicken restaurant, one block from the DC courthouse, next door to the Verizon Center in the District's trendiest neighborhood with the full blessing of the city government? Only in D.C." [Big Sky Girl]

* DCist Voting Rights Happy Hour tonight, already started, at Eighteenth Street Lounge. [DCist]

* "Weeknights are for working out. Sorry!" is the new "I have to wash my hair." [circumlocutor]

* Princess Sparkle Pony has been busy snapping photos of the cherry blossoms. [PSP]

* "i'm so sick of hearing people talk about what they hate about dc. it's so boring. no one is forcing you to live here. as the post's j. freedom du lac said to one dc hater in his freedom rock chat yesterday: 'don't let the door to the beltway hit you on your way out.'" [life off balance]


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