Metro Section: Happy Hours, Shut Up, and Beer To Boot

* Lovers Happy Hour II tonight, hosted by DC Bachelor (Roosh) and Circle V. [Roosh V]

* Let's talk about meth, baby. Let's talk about you and me, and your wet Chiclet teeth. [Fight HIV in DC]

* "Has Mr Will forgotten that the ever civil Vice President told a Democratic Senator to 'go fuck himself' on the Senate floor." [alternative hippopotamus]

* ...and "Here we have an absentee President who through gross negligence and foolish hubris has brought death to untold thousands of Iraqis and to 2,888+ U.S. troops, and Will is worried about 'calculated rudeness.'" [Countersignature]

* ...and "George Will needs to shut up." [Angry Pregnant Lawyer]

* Hard Rock Cafe, Urban Outfitters and ESPN Zone welcome House of Blues to the neighborhood. [Gallery Place Living]

* El Paso Café in Ballston serves beer in a boot-shaped glass, and if it fits, you become a princess. [DCFUD]


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