Metro Section: "He's conned you."

* WP Radio is hiring and Renee Zellweger, George Stephanopoulos and Alexandra Wentworth are in town. [Fishbowl DC]

* It's always the fatherless, isn't it? Motherfuckers. [Craigslist]

* Make plans now for the National Press Club's 29th Annual Book Fair and Author Night tomorrow, and look ahead to ultima-douche Frank Rich this Sunday. [DCist]

* DC Council members plan to reward themselves with a 51% salary increase, because of the great job they've done reducing crime and all. [The DC Universe]

* In an online chat today WTOP political commentator Mark Plotkin tried humor: "I'm thinking of hiring an extensive security detail. It's getting ridiculous. I'm glad I don't wear cufflinks, they would rip them off as souvenirs." He was asked, "When did you turn into Bill O'Reilly?" [WP]


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