Metro Section: Intelligent Dance Music

* Expect 10 more Spy Museums after we, DC's ambassadors, "determine the city's position in the mind of those who live here and from travelers around the world -- with the ultimate goal of creating a more vibrant experience and generating more resources for the city, its residents and businesses through destination marketing." [Petworth News]

* Virginia Democrats want to show you their entrails. [Ross Notes]

* DC isn't just the capital of the free world, but also of culture, as evidenced by thousands of people camping out for Christian rock. [Sour N Sweet]

* ... and by two nights of sold out Goo Goo Dolls shows. [Rock Creek Rambler]

* ... and by the "responsible music experience" coming our way. [City Desk]

* ... and by today's Men Seeking Women CraigsList posts. [A Total Waste of Makeup]

* But hey, cheer up with the WP's handy guide for single people on Valentine's Day, "cuddle up to a beer with your onion-topped super grilled cheese." [WP]


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