Metro Section: Journalism, Crime and Beer

* Rosenbaum killer gets 60-year sentence. [Read Express]

* DC pedestrian survey asks you to list specific spots around town "that need improvements to make walking safer and more comfortable." [Mr. T in DC]

* Attendees of the WP's Blogger Summit traded their souls for pens. [Harmany Music]

* The City Paper's serial comma killer. Subversive. [DCist]

* Note to Laura Sessions Step: "Please stop telling old people that we break-up with each other over text message. Please stop making references to 'freak dancing.'" [why.i.hate.dc]

* Old Dominion Brewhouse opens at 1219 9th St NW tomorrow. [Gallery Place Living]

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Seattle People, looking spunky. We hate spunky.

It is Friday, Yr Wonkette's back end (that's website talk) has been cranky all afternoon like a digital babby that needs a nap, and we are all stuck in the stupidest timeline. The one way we know it's not actually hell is that there are still adorable doggies and kitties and sloths, no to mention toddlers preschoolers named Donna Rose, and of course you, you lovely wonderful readers of ourn. And if you're in Eastern Washington or its environs, you can come out to meet Yr Editrix, Yr Shypixel, and Yr one day Benevolent Monarch Donna Rose come this Sunday in the Evergreen State's second-largest city, Spokane!

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  • Saturday, Aug 11th ....... Seattle, WA
    Discovery Park, 4-7pm
  • Sunday, Aug 12th ....... Bellingham, WA
    Sunnyland Park, 2-5pm
  • Sunday, Aug 19th ....... Spokane, WA
    Audubon Park, 2-5pm

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