Metro Section: Lather Up


  • WAKA is so yesterday. We want Freeze Tag, Four-Square and shaving cream Slip' N Slide with this guy. [Ar-Jew-Tino]

  • "People have genuine relationships, real friendships online...because you don't have to see facial expressions." Or open sores. [Literal Reality]

  • Huck Finn 2006: "'Ain'nosey. Only reas'n ah'sk is you don' seem ta be carryn' much.' The hitchhiker doesn't move. His stare remains fixed into the distance. Minutes go by -made of halting, interminable seconds--" [American Night]

  • Review of last night's Michael Ian Black/Michael Showalter comedy show. "Of course, I was standing directly next to this drunken douche who kept yelling out 'Celebrity Poker.'" [The Upstate Life]

  • 49,000 DC tenants evicted last year. Sadly, none of them were your lousy neighbors. [tls]

  • The Senator adds a bit to yesterday's Krazy K.A. Paul story: "he and Joe Trippi were going to change the country in the next 100 days. Maybe he said 10 months. I remember it being a function of 10, and that he was going to revolutionize America." [The Gentlemen of the CPMC]

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