Metro Section: Oh Great Klaatu! You Have Come To Save Us!

  • Crime emergency continues as corn-rolled City-council-candidate-car-killer kicks out window, escapes police, vows Cropp is next. [Stop, Blog, And Roll]

  • DC braces for the coming throngs of "an unholy army of undead mice." [Pie Pants]

  • Discovery Channel's new marketing strategy involves catch phrase "I want a mother fucking shark up on this mother fucking building!" [I Am A Lefty; Silver Spring, Singular]

  • "Screen On The Green" begins tonight as soon as the sun stops blazing, meaning you can start. [DCist]

  • Wired editor and Web 2.0 ethos-definer Chris Anderson was, like everyone else, in a DC postpunk band. [Valleywag]

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