Metro Section: Only Someone Wearing White After Labor Day Would Have Sex in Public

  • "You: Girl with ridiculously short white skirt sitting on top of another guy having sex in the corner of the front room." The front room of Rumors last night. [Craigslist]

  • George Allen "once put a severed deer's head in somebody's mailbox. Admittedly, it's not quite as bad as the scene in The Godfather...." The Godfather is fictional. [T&A]

  • Virgin, straight-edge Trekkie just needs a little more coaxing and she'll "give it up." [Golden Silence]

  • WSC and Blue Cross sell with blow jobs. It makes sense -- join a gym, get more blowjobs. You see where this is going. [Sarcastic and Cynical]

  • I know, right? People who haven't been on the news are so provincial. [K Street Blues]

  • Don't eat corn before a colonoscopy. [Lumpyhead]

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