Metro Section: Ripe Female Flesh

* "Barack out with your cock out." [Catch Up Lady]

* New bar on 7th street, same owners as Buffalo Billiards. And a couple reviews of M'Dawg Haute Dogs. [metrocurean]

* Shot Argonaut bartender is back, DJing to raise money for other victims of violent crimes. [Frozen Tropics]

* The Truman Show comes to Gallery Place. [Gallery Place Living]

* It's been a while, but DC's No. 1 web novelist SethJ is back: "The same girl who was staring at the cash is now stealing glances at the hitchhiker. He lies back in the clam and lets the powdery, femme-spritzed air wash over him. It has the greasy undercurrents of skillet-fried food, but they can't entirely override musk of female flesh, ripe for the taking." [American Night]


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