Metro Section: Rock Rock Rock Rock Rock & Roll Hotel

  • Roll Call reviews newish bars. "...urban renewal of the H Street corridor.... In the bordello-themed suite, plush red velvet covers all sitting areas, and an interesting mural of cartoon blood borders the room's ceiling." Funny the things you don't notice when you're drunk. [Roll Call]

  • Oh snap, another blogger fired. "I was minding my own business when the VP called me into the conference room... laid out in front of the VP were 2 huge folders, labeled "PART 1" and "PART 2...Every blog entry I had ever written for the entire year I worked at this joint was in that folder... You could tell I worked for something that was only slightly related to Congress sometimes, but that was it." [Unemployed Blogger]

  • Is paying in cash crass? What about a $1000000 dollar bill? [DC Urban Family]

  • Doogie Howser, M.D. was first blogger ever. [PR Slave DC]

  • "Facebook Gets Black Eye from Facelift Backlash." Who's the stalker now, bitch? [Catch Up Lady]

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