Metro Section: She Can Solve All Our Problems Edition

From the people that brought you Butterstick comes the next great thing that'll improve your life: the SmartTrip Dissection! [DCist]

Believe it or not, at least one ex-employee at the NSA is having a worse day than the current ones [WJLA]

The Examiner's Harry Jaffe says Chinatown "may have just become the hippest, hottest place in D.C." He adds, "You have to walk the streets to grasp the change," but that's not really true. The "change" is: most of Chinatown's Chinaness has been beaten to death with large sticks. [Examiner]

We always suspected that the googly insanity that beams forth from Nancy Grace's crazy eyes would claim a victim. [Reliable Source, last item]


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