Metro Section: Silent Trains Beneath Washington Edition

William Raspberry calls it a day as a columnist. [FishbowlDC]

"I ask that everyone please refrain from any kind of singing while we passengers are riding the metro during our dreaded rush hour commute." Hey, missy, that's exactly the way the Taliban likes it! [Craigslist]

There's no snow on the ground, but out in Manassas, there's plenty of slippery slopes to be found as the city decides to fight immigration by changing the demarcations of familial relations. You only thought you were related to your nephew, I guess. Two things missing from the article: first, a single example in which an illegal immigrant was found and second, a single example in which a non-hispanic non-relation was sent packing. Enjoy the slide! [Washington Post]

A partial compendium of fine New Year's Eve activities. [DCist]


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