Metro Section: Still Posting Under Protest

The D.C. bat-belt. [Unrequited Narcissism]

The ban on public urination: What would Hitchens do? [DCeiver]

The true D.C. man is both never taken and never single: "My FWB is something of a relationship placeholder until I meet someone with a slightly better mix of sex appeal and conversation skills (and who likes to play cards)." The D.C. woman, on the other hand, "has now been taught that settling is for Midwestern girls." [chris abraham]

"Oh, hey! Didn't see you there. How ya doin'? I'm good, just... just, uh, hanging out, by this... uh... pillar here. Yup. We sure have some great examples of Greek, and/or Roman, architecture, here at the Capitol. Where I work." [WIHDC]

Would rather be making these. [DCist]


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