Metro Section: The Boys of Summer

  • It's that time of year -- you know, for corduroy pants, noticing you're a 29-year-old virgin, and DC Architecture Week. [Metroblogging DC]

  • Mayor Williams cheats on Linda Cropp with Caribbean Vacation, New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest.[The DC Universe]

  • Your day wasn't as bad as you think. Unless you too went to Asylum's birthday party, drank Sparks, touched a manhole. [I Am A Lefty]

  • Blindfold yourself and get sexy on someone, advises local "breathing diamond." In other words, read Casual Encounters and masturbate. [District Insider]

  • "You know how I keep bitching about the $611,000,000+ the city is spending on a baseball stadium? This is why. Let me remind DC-lovers that the District considers a recreational activity more important than accounting for the deaths of the city's most vulnerable." (Most vulnerable because they are retarded. No, seriously.) [why.i.hate.dc.]

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