Metro Section: w/ Egg


  • Fuck you, Nathan's. You were nasty, but see what happens when we're left behind? Hot dog soup (w/ egg). [Talkin' Shit About A Pretty Sunset]

  • Wilmer Valderrama was at Connecticut and L, 22 year old wants to do him. You're a little old for him. [Craigslist]

  • "Just as if you were walking your str8 stud self up to a public urinal, you unzip, whip out your cock and balls, and then stand there, and take a leak. The only difference is it will be going into my mouth." [Craigslist]

  • Date rape vs. violent rape vs. that song "Date Rape" vs. Sublime's entire oeuvre. We report, you decide. [Literal Reality]

  • Can a restaurant forbid you from photographing your food? Jason from DC Foodies got in trouble for it once, at the stuffy and not very delicious Buck's Fishing and Camping. [Metrocurean]

  • Let's all laugh at a fat kid. [Sarcastic and Cynical]

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