Metro Section: We Shall All Be Healed

* If you care to make eye contact with anyone tonight, we advise you to click this link, help these poor people and read nothing else in today's sick Metro Section. [Sour N Sweet]

* "I've killed over 60 men ... and I've never been to war... many of the men were totally surprised to see me again ... it was the last face they saw ...." [CL]

* "if a guy wants me to swallow his cum, I tell him that we'll do a "test run" first -- meaning he'll cum on my stomach and I'll take a taste test of it AND he has to taste it as well. This rule was implemented long ago after the toxic cum guy. And to date, 5 of the guys tasted their own cum (and I've tasted myself as well)." [CL]

* "All in favor of sending Chelsie Clinton to Iraq ...." [CL]

* " I'm not getting any younger and I really, really want to bang the hell out of my 26 year old step daughter." [CL]


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