Mia Love: If Democrats Love Black People, Why Didn't They Just Let Me Win?

Republican Congresswoman Mia Love of Utah lost an election to Democrat Ben McAdams last month, and she is really bothered by how the Democratic Party is not doing NEARLY enough to ensure diversity among Republican legislators. Some of us figured that having Trump troll her, watching Nazis run for office as Republicans, and maybe Trump's shithole country comments would stir up a bit of awareness in her about racism in her Republican Party. Instead, what Love learned from being one of three black Republican members of Congress -- and now there are two -- was the Ultimate Truth, the same Truth that Candace Owens probably taught Kanye West: Democrats are the REAL racists. That's why most black people are Democrats! Wait. That doesn't make sense. Democrats are the REAL racists because they run Democrats against Black Republicans! Damn. Still sounds dumb. Let's hear it from Mia herself, maybe that will help.

From Utah Policy:

Hosts Joy Behar and Ana Navarro pushed back when Love tried her well-worn claim Democrats are hypocritical on diversity issues because they targeted her, a black woman, for defeat in the 2018 midterms.

Did she really just say she was targeted by Dems because she's a black Republican? Is she somehow special and untouchable because her own fucking party didn't bother to life a finger to bring more minorities into their party? Honey, we don't give a shit who had that seat, the GOP is trash and we were taking it regardless of whose ass sat in that seat. So, you can calm the fuck down now.

Love: I was targeted by Democrats. They targeted me because I am a black female Republican, and they replaced me with a middle-aged white male in the state of Utah.
Behar: Well, the voters did.

No. We targeted you because you were vulnerable. But please proceed with your cris de coeur over how black womanhood was on trial and the evil Democrats took what was rightfully yours, and gifted it to a white man. By the way: Where were you during Birtherism? Were you blind and deaf until you started losing the election? Have you ever seen any racism happen to people who are not you? Any Black Lives Matter rallies? A T-shirt? ANYTHING?

Love: Well, there was a whole of money in an R+13 district that wanted to take me out. Diversity is good for them if you think the same way they do.

Hold up. Are you serious? We thought you were JOKING about it being Democrats' job to make sure there was enough diversity in the GOP. Hi, sweetie. We're Democrats and liberals, you damn straight we'll take a white man who shares our beliefs over a backwards ass Republican ANY DAY. We didn't single you out for being black, we singled you out because you believe crazy ass shit. We'll let Ana Navarro school you on politics, please, because we can't find a way to put real facts and good information into Republican brains.

Navarro: They wanted a majority. If it means taking out the only black Republican woman, they did it. I don't think it was to them targeting a black woman.

Now, see? You just learned something from another woman of color and it didn't even hurt. It's not our job to ensure the GOP has a home inside their hearts for Women of Color. And you are still not invited to the annual All Black People Except Diamond, Silk, Ben Carson, Mia Love, and Omarosa Barbecue so you can stop wasting your time. We traded you for three white women and Channing Tatum, Mia. Good luck getting a Fox News gig, you might wanna get a blond wig for the interview.

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