Michael Avenatti Can Tortiously Interfere With Us Anytime, Wait What Are We Talking About?

OK Wonkers, are you ready for a late Friday series of run-on sentences about a lawsuit what just got filed by Ms. Shera Bechard, who allegedly had bonezones with former RNC money man Elliott Broidy, and who was under a $1.6 million hush money agreement with Broidy, until Broidy decided to stop paying her because according to him, the hush money agreement is null and void?

Basically what is happening is that Bechard, a former Playboy playmate who says she had a romance affair with Broidy (maybe it was Broidy, maybe it was somebody more TRUMPY if you get what we are saying), is suing several folks in response to Broidy cutting off payments. She is suing 1) Broidy; 2) her skeevy former lawyer Keith Davidson, who apparently has no ethics and colludes with ERRBODY ELSE'S LAWYERS, and has been fired for doing so by not only Bechard but also Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal; and 3) MICHAEL AVENATTI FOR SOME REASON.

The lawsuit is sealed so we can't look at it right now, but the general allegation seems to be that Davidson leaked details about her nondisclosure agreement to Avenatti, who then leaked them to the press. Naming Avenatti would suggest she's trying to hit him for tortious interference, which sounds like a sexxxx thing, but isn't, unless Avenatti wants to make it sexxxxy, in which case we are right here waiting. (Here is what tortious interference means.)

Avenatti seems to be saying "AU CONTRAIRE, MOTHERFUCKERS," because number one, he's never represented Bechard and moreover he ain't ever even talked to her, and number two, please refer back to number one, and also the first thing he said, which was "AU CONTRAIRE, MOTHERFUCKERS."

Here is Avenatti's statement on the thing:

LOL at the end of the second paragraph where Avenatti says "or whomever impregnated her." Wonder who he has in mind!

If you'd like to watch two lawyers fight, Avenatti and Bechard's lawyer Peter Stris are doing that right now on Twitter.

Anyway, as the Wall Street Journal notes, Avenatti seemed to know about the agreement between Bechard and Broidy the night before WSJ broke news of it, tweeting coyly about forthcoming news about an unnamed GOP donor and an "L.A. woman." Again, Broidy says he quit paying because Davidson's leakage to Avenatti rendered the agreement null and void. (This is likely bullshit.) And now Bechard's lawsuit is saying fuck all y'all, and also fuck Michael Avenatti too.

And as you see above, Avenatti's response is "I have no idea what any of you are talking about, therefore I will sit over here and look angelic until further notice." (As a practical matter, he's probably right, though his playing innocent is fooling absolutely no one. But that's OK, we never said we wanted him tame.)

As several have noted on legal Twitter, this is totally fucked up, bro. If Broidy has a legit beef over the NDA being leaked, it seems like that beef would be with Keith Davidson and not Bechard, who from what we can see has been accused of no wrongdoing. Of course, if she's let out of the agreement and is allowed to sell her story, her payday goes UP, UP AND AWAY! Also there is the little matter of whether or not she might be sitting on information about how it wasn't really Elliott Broidy who got her preggers in the first place, but maybe somebody slightly more orange who watches a lot of "Fox & Friends," if you catch our very subtle drift.

At this point, according to the original agreement, Broidy still owes $1.2 million, which is really not all that much money for a dude like him. It's probably a lot for Bechard, who presumably either would like the rest of her paycheck or to be released from the agreement so that she may get those bigger paychecks for selling her story. HOWEVER, and we are just speculating wildly here, if Broidy was supposed to be reimbursed in some way by somebody else who might have been the actual affair-haver, perhaps somebody who misspells words a lot on Twitter if you know what we mean, and if he is not getting his end of the bargain ... well then!

Oh what a tangled web we weave!

We're sure we'll find out more about what the fuck about all this very soon, but for now it is drinking-thirty in the afternoon on a Friday, therefore OPEN THREAD, GOODBYE.

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