Michael Bloomberg Tells Thinkers How To Make The World A Better Place

  • Monday, April 26: The New America Foundation is bothered that all the anger produced by the Great Recession hasn't really led to any rational, sound conclusions about how to fix income inequality and other moderately important things. At their event tonight, it will be revealed how we can give jobs to everyone, fix Wall Street, and still consider Obama to be the greatest President ever. [New America Foundation]

  • Thursday, April 29: Reason number 9,000 why it sucks to be Gay in the land of the free: because if you're gay and old, you lack financial security, health care, community support and much, much more! Representative Tammy Baldwin, expert in all things gay, discusses what policy changes need to be made so gays can grow old and die happy just like everyone else. [Center for American Progress Action Fund]
  • Thursday, April 29: If Ezra Klein says it must be so, he probably read someone else say it must be so, so Phillip Longman's book, Best Care Anywhere, about how to reform the health care delivery system in the US, must detail the best way to fix this problem. Longman discusses his book Thursday at the New America Foundation. [New America Foundation]
  • Friday, April 29: Let's see if we can follow the Heritage Foundation's logic on this one: Europe abandoned God (a terrible, terrible thing to do) and is consequently suffering from such "diseases" as scientism, fascism, communism and SHEER HEDONISM. Hmm. More importantly, they fear that the US is headed down this same path, which means that we must impeach Obama immediately. [Heritage Foundation]
  • Friday, April 30: Last week Michael Bloomberg may have become America's favorite asshole when he defended Wall Street banks over financial regulatory reform, but to the Center for American Progress, he's just what Main Street needs! They tapped him (and Charlie Rose) to explain how we can create good, well-paid jobs for the middle class that will keep them happy and in continued need of federal assistance. [Center for American Progress]

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