Michael Dukakis: GOP Will Blow Up Building 3 Weeks Before Election

The littlest soldier - WonketteBeloved 1988 Dem nominee Michael Dukakis was such a crappy candidate that he lost to despised vice president George Bush, so now he's warning America that the Republicans will still figure out a way to keep the White House beyond 2008, even though everybody hates the Republicans and all the GOP candidates and especially Bush Junior and Dick Cheney.

"We're not going to outspend the other guys," he said during an interview in his modest office in the political science department at Northeastern University, where he was the first to arrive (at 7:30 a.m.) on a recent midsummer morning. "We're probably not going to outstrategize them. And some crazy guy will blow up a building with three weeks to go, you know, and then we'll be back in Bush-land again."

While we object to dismissing Karl Rove as "some crazy guy," Dukakis does have a point. As George Will says, we are now basically Weimar Germany right before "some crazy guy" burns the Reichstag and lets Hitler take over Europe and put everybody in Concentration Camps.

So what can the Dem nominees do to stop Cheney from crowning Bush Junior emperor of the world?

We're pretty sure the answer is "Just sit back and wait for Russia to launch a full nuclear strike against the United States" because experts say that's what really needs to happen anyway.

Dukakis, Once Burned, Refuses to Be Optimistic About 2008 [New York Observer]


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