Michael Flynn's Family Didn't Take QAnon Oath, That's Just How They Say 'I Love You!'

Last year around the Fourth of July, disgraced shitbag Michael Flynn and his family stood together and took the QAnon oath, which has 14 words the oath of office taken by actual elected officials and ends with the words "Where we go one, we go all." OR DID THEY?

Here is the video of the Flynns saying this thing that may or may not be the QAnon oath. Tell you below why we now say it may or may not be the QAnon oath, even though it totally is and tons of QAnon crackpots were reciting that shit last summer. There literally was a Q drop telling people to take this very oath, mere weeks before this video was posted.

Jeez, what a loser family.

Anyway, Vice reports that a couple members of Flynn's loser family are VERY UPSET at the characterization of their little family chanting session above as a "QAnon oath." Flynn's brother Jack and sister-in-law Leslie are suing CNN for defamation, for FALSELY LINKING THEM TO QANON, by playing two seconds of that video above and characterizing it as the Flynn family taking the QAnon oath. We told you all about the frivolous lawsuit back in March.

But in a new filing, Jack and Leslie, through their superlawyer Steven Biss (yes THAT Steven Biss, who sues imaginary cows for Devin Nunes), have a novel explanation for what they were really saying on that video that day:

"It was not an oath of allegiance to QAnon, or any kind of oath at all. It was a simple, family, July 4 statement of support for each other," lawyers for the Flynns said in the document filed Tuesday.

What? Don't your family members swear an oath to each other that just happens to correspond to a Q drop every Fourth of July?

Of course, Vice notes that when Flynn tweeted it — he's banned now, you'll remember — he literally hashtagged it #TakeTheOath, and then this dumbfuck brother shared Flynn's tweet. Weird how Michael Flynn wanted everybody on Twitter to take his secret family oath that's just for his family.

Remember these emoji war crime tweets?

Jack and Leslie Flynn's new filing says CNN was full of lies when it said the #TakeTheOath hashtag had anything to do with QAnon, even though, again, the Q Drop had literally just told them to take this very oath.

For God's sake:

In the original lawsuit, they tried to argue that "Where we go one, we go all" is not even a QAnon phrase, but rather — this is hilarious QAnon lore now — was a quote from a bell on one of John F. Kennedy's sailboats. In reality, it came from a 1990s Ridley Scott movie called White Squall.

Huh, looks like a gay porno.

As Vice notes, CNN already told this lawsuit to fuck off back in May. But this new filing really goes to great pains to explain why it's so bad to be associated in the public eye with QAnon:

"Accusing the Flynns of being 'QANON FOLLOWERS,' even for a few seconds, is no different than accusing them of being Nazi sympathizers. It is common knowledge that Nazis, white supremacists, and adherents of QAnon are violent extremists. That is the connection that CNN intended and did make in the minds of viewers. To imply that a person is a Nazi sympathizer or a 'QANON FOLLOWER' is the same thing. It is an egregious thing to say about a businessman, like Jack Flynn, especially in light of the January 6, 2021 storming of the United States Capitol," the lawyers wrote.

Yep, QAnon people are modern-day Nazis! That part of the filing doesn't seem wrong to us!

Of course, Wonkette would not want to be defame-y, so despite how Michael Flynn is up to his ASS in QAnon, we are willing to allow that maybe Jack and Leslie Flynn are not even QAnon-lovers, and just have a bad habit of doing whatever Jack's piece of shit loser brother tells them to do.



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