Michael Flynn Stars In QAnon Election Fraud Doc By Guy Who Thinks Aliens Did 9/11

On Saturday, a new documentary about how the election was stolen from poor Donald Trump premiered online and in person at an Arizona church, with many members of the Arizona GOP in attendance.

Titled The Deep Rig, it stars disgraced Gen. Michael Flynn, Patrick Byrne (founder and former CEO of Overstock.com), former Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett and "Cyber Ninja" Doug Logan, whose identity and voice was obscured throughout the movie, being referred to only as "Anon." They revealed this at the premiere, so it's not clear what the point of that was. Probably they just thought an anonymous guy talking about how he just knows the CIA was behind this whole thing seemed more legit than "Known QAnon guy whose company is auditing the Arizona ballots."

The documentary is actually based on a book by Byrne, also titled The Deep Rig, because hey! If Wayfair.com can be secretly involved in the seedy underground world of child sex trafficking, who says the former CEO of competitor Overstock.com can't be privy to secret information about how the 2020 election was rigged? Unless neither of those things are true.

Via Arizona Mirror:

"If we don't fix our election integrity now, we may no longer have a democracy," Logan says towards the end of the film. Logan also said in the film, before he was unmasked, that he believed that the CIA or former members of the intelligence agency may be involved with "disinformation" around election fraud. Logan did not provide any evidence to back up this assertion.

During a question-and-answer session with the audience at Dream City Church in Phoenix, where the event was held, another member of the audit team, Bob Hughes, said he designed the paper evaluation system used by audit workers to examine the paper of the ballots for alleged anomalies such as bamboo fibers and evidence that the ballots were filled out by machines..

The auditors are looking for "bamboo fibers" they believe would be evidence the ballots were filled out in China, because they apparently think everything in China is covered in a thin film of bamboo fibers, or that they were packed into shipping boxes by pandas. It's unclear how they're testing for this, but given that fiber evidence is junk science anyway, it probably doesn't matter.

Given the involvement of Michael Flynn, it is not too surprising that a bunch of QAnon people were also involved, including the controversial BabyQ, who is actually not very popular among most QAnon believers, who tend to think he is a fake and a grifter. Which, to their credit, he clearly is.

Before the film started, the host of the event, known QAnon believer Ann Vandersteel, introduced Phoenix native Austin Steinbart. Steinbart is sometimes referred to in the QAnon community as "BabyQ" and many of his followers believe him to be Q himself.

Steinbart, who was introduced as the "Az Deep Rig Field Operative," has told his followers that his future self is sending messages back in time so that present-day Steinbart can reveal the truth.

In April 2020, Steinbart was arrested for posting medical images and information online of NFL players that he was able to obtain while getting a brain scan. Last year, he got caught using a synthetic penis in an attempt to pass a drug test related to the April arrest.

The film reportedly ends with its director, Roger Richards, saying that "This is truly a time of Great Awakening," which we all know is a QAnon thing as well.

While the only way any of us would be able to see it would be if we were willing to pay $45 to watch it online, or $500 to screen it with a bunch of our closest and most ignorant friends, we can watch the trailer — which is probably all a normal person would be able to stand anyway.

My personal favorite part of the trailer is where they show noted psychic and Democratic party insider Bernie Sanders telling Jimmy Fallon that the way he thinks things are going to go is that at first it's going to look like Donald Trump won, but then all of the mail-in votes are going to come in and it's going to turn out that Biden won, and then Trump will say the whole thing was rigged and the election was stolen from him.

Now some of us might hear that and go, "Oh, common sense, because Democrats, who tend to care whether other people live or die, tended to use mail-in votes so as to avoid the spread of COVID." But not the people in charge of this documentary. Clearly they are reading this as the Democrats' plan to steal the election all along, which Bernie Sanders — with whom they trusted with this information because they love him so much — went on "The Tonight Show" and REVEALED, like a cartoon villain speaking to his loosely tied up nemeses. It's all just very plausible.

This masterpiece film's director, Richards, has previously directed two other documentaries. One, The Cosmic Secret, touches on such riveting topics as "How to make ESP work for you," "Atlantis Under Ice," pyramid power and some general ancient aliens stuff. The other, Above Majestic, posits that aliens did 9/11, and features an interview with a man who spent 20 years on the moon before being age-regressed and sent back to earth.

We're gonna watch the trailer for that one, too.

This is all just some very legit work from some extremely not-delusional people. It sure would be too bad if Republicans across the country saw this and decided not to vote because of how Democrats, pandas and aliens will just figure out some way to steal it from them.

[Arizona Mirror]

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