Michael Flynn Would Like More Time To Prove He Didn't Do Thing He Admitted Doing In Open Court

This morning, Michael Flynn's batshit new layer Sidney "Emoji War Crime" Powell and the government submitted a Joint Status Report to the court. Sadly, we're going to have to wait a bit longer to see if Judge Emmet Sullivan will LOCK HER UP Trump's lyinass former national security advisor. Not that Flynn will ever do time, since Our Gangster President is clearly going to pardon him and the rest of the crooks in his cabal. BUT STILL, it would be nice to see that bastard get some kind of sentence.

Prosecutors and Counselor Bugfuck agree on one thing: Flynn's cooperation has now come to an end. In case anyone failed to work that out when Flynn decided on the eve of his crony Bijan Rafiekian's trial to blow up his plea deal by "remembering" that he had, in fact, always believed that they were working for an IRL Dutch company, not an obvious cut-out for the Turkish government. (Which meant he was doing literal actual foreign agent work.) At the eleventh hour, Powell was able to jog Flynn's memory and help him recall that actually it was his old lawyers who filled out the paperwork ALL wrong. Poor, naive National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, a career military man who held a security clearance for three decades! Such bad luck that HE WUZ FRAMED by the FBI, the Deep State, and his own lawyers! What are the odds?

The government is perfectly happy to move on to sentencing immediately, and suggests a hearing date on September 4, 5, 9 or 10. Unfortunately, Ms. Powell has set aside those days for Botox and adding emojis to her Twitter handle. Allegedly.

Plus, she's for too busy going over all the hard drives Flynn's previous lawyers scurrilously delayed conveying to her. Were those Covington & Burling guys too busy laughing their asses off when they found out who Flynn had hired to replace them, or was it because they were still trying to frame poor lamb in the woods Michael Flynn by withholding documents to prove his innocence? Who can say! The important thing is, Michael Flynn decided to change lawyers, so now his sentencing must be postponed indefinitely.

Also, too, Sidney Powell is GRRR SO MAD that the government won't grant her a security clearance and hand over all its Deep State secrets that she's sure will somehow exonerate her client for lying to the FBI -- a crime which he has already pleaded guilty to under oath.

There is other information relevant to the defense that is either classified or being suppressed by the government, not the least of which are the transcripts and recordings of the phone calls that supposedly underpin the charges against Mr. Flynn. The government has steadfastly refused to produce those โ€“ even to this Court. The Inspector General of the Department of Justice has completed one or more relevant reports that include classified sections, and he is completing additional reports that reportedly will include a large classified section โ€“ a significant portion of which will almost certainly relate to Mr. Flynn. We must have access to that information to represent our client consistently with his constitutional rights and our ethical obligations.

LOL, remember that hilarious time when Michael Flynn tried this BS before, claiming that the fact that (curiously fired!) former FBI guys Peter Strzok and Andy McCabe knew damn well that Flynn had already talked about sanctions to the Russian ambassador before they asked him means he totally gets a pass for lying to them about it? Because if they already know the answer, then it's completely fine to lie to FBI agents when they say, "Hey, Mr. National Security Advisor with a security clearance, did you talk to that nice Mr. Kislyak about sanctions or not?" (Or words to that effect.) Like it says in the Constitution, "No harm, no foul, right bruh?"

Remember how Judge Sullivan lost his shit and made Flynn admit in open court that he knowingly lied to the FBI, and then told Flynn to go back and cooperate A WHOLE LOT MORE if he didn't want to spend a good long time in the pokey?

We're going to hazard a guess that His Honor will not be amused by Powell's unsubtle suggestion that the government is sitting on a secret document that proves her client is somehow not guilty of the crime he already allocuted to in open court. Because that ship has most definitely sailed.

And if, by some miracle, she does manage to shake loose more classified info on her client, she might be not like what she finds out. Because Michael Flynn was a literal, actual foreign agent, who was negotiating to kidnap an American resident at the behest of the Turkish government in December of 2016, when he was already receiving classified briefings as part of the transition team, and who was texting his buddies from the inauguration about a "Marshall Plan" for the Middle East to enrich himself and his Russian pals by building "proliferation-proof" nuclear reactors.

So if Sidney Powell wants to shake that tree and see what comes out of it, then she should HAVE AT IT.

These fuckin' people!

[Joint Status Report]

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