Michael Steele Says A Thing Again! This One's About Loving An ACORN

Michael Steele Says A Thing Again! This One's About Loving An ACORN

Michael Steele! It has been a full forty-five minutes since he haslast tempted John Boehner to actually murder him. Things are quiet... too quiet. Back on The Streets when things were too quiet, this meant that one of the Street People had to make a move. You can bet your Boston Terrier that Michael Steele has internalized the Street Lessons. John Boehner would be a FOOL if for one second he really believed that Michael Steele considered the GOP's threats to be hip OR hop, ho ho ho! Manifestly, that sort of arrogance would get him GUN-KILLED back on the Streets! Michael Steele's hatred of John Boehner is literally the only possible explanation for Steele's latest thing: publicly announcing how much he loves ACORN's leader, despite, of course, despising the work that she does and everything she stands for.

Michael Steele, ladies and gentleman:

"Now, I'm not a big fan of ACORN for a whole lot of reasons because of my own dealings with some of their folks over the years," he continued. "But I do respect that it has a history of working the community and helping the poor. That unfortunately has been tainted in such a way that it now casts doubt on the entire organization." [...]

But three days later, in his statement calling on Democrats to investigate the group, Steele seemed to have made up his mind about the group's future. ACORN, he said, "should never be allowed near another voter registration effort again."

RNC spokeswoman Gail Gitcho denied any disconnect between Steele's statements and his remarks in Arkansas.

"Chairman Steele has been consistent in his profound disappointment with ACORN and believes that until ACORN eliminates their deep and undeniable corruption, the organization shouldn't be allowed near a ballot box or voter registration effort," she said in an e-mail to CNN.

Sort of like how the GOP respects Michael Steele, but doesn't think he should be allowed near... anything...

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