Michael Steele Will Protect American Seniors' Right To Terrible Insurance Program He Hates

Michael Steele Will Protect American Seniors' Right To Terrible Insurance Program He Hates

RNC chairman Michael Steele -- the "Republican Barack Obama," because he is black -- took to the pages of local war & murder digestThe Washington Post yesterday to argue for "Seniors' Bill of Rights" that included ten provisions reading, "Get Your Government Hands Off My Medicare And Guns." It promised NO CUTS EVER in Medicare, especially none of these so-called "efficiency" cuts, where money is so-called "wasted" "under the current" "system." It was the best political column since Robert Novak's death. But today Michael Steele has, ho ho ho, directly contradictedhimself, because he is not a good human being.

Apologies for the long blockquote, but you must watch this develop graf-by-graf, into sadness:

RNC Chairman Michael Steele appeared on Fox News this morning, putting forward an interesting case on Medicare: That it must be preserved against the threats from the Democrats -- and that it's a bad system that shouldn't be expanded like the Democrats want.

"They're proposing up to $550 billion in cuts or shifting of funds out of Medicare, and I don't know what that means, and our seniors don't know what that means," said Steele. "And as we get into the debate this fall, I'd like some clarity on it."

Steele was shown video of Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY), who challenged Steele and other critics with the question of if they oppose a single-payer system, then why don't they oppose Medicare? At this point, Steele got into his critique of Medicare, calling it a bankrupt system.

"The reality of it is, this single-payer program known as Medicare is a very good example of what we should not have happen with all of our health care," said Steele. "The reality of it is, how many times have we been at the trough of bankruptcy and no money for the Medicare program, where Congress is running around like chickens with their head cut off, trying to figure out how to fix a program that they've already mismanaged? So now you want to do that, Congressman, on a larger scale? You want to include all of us. You're talking about taking our senior population, and expanding it to all of the population? Government cannot run a health care system. they've already shown that. Trust the private markets to do it the right way."

Michael Steele, to recap:

(1) Yesterday: Barack Obama must spend every dollar in the United States economy on the great and perfect thing called Medicare, or he will have trashed the Old Fucks' Bill of Rights.

(2) Today: Medicare has proven to be a broken system, and we should just have private health insurance everywhere.

(3) Tomorrow: I sniff butts.

Steele: Protect Medicare -- And Medicare Doesn't Work [TPM via Washington Monthly]


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