Michael Steele's Top Priority: Sandwich Time

Michael Steele's Top Priority: Sandwich Time
"Facing questions about whether he can win a second term as chairman of the Republican National Committee, Michael Steele boasted Friday that he has re-shaped the committee from an unwieldy top-down behemoth into an agile grassroots organization with a record of success." Somebody finally told Michael Steele he should just say he's done a good job, even if he's actually fucking everything up. Also Michael Steele and the entire crowd wore red "FIRE PELOSI!" hats, a message Steele announced the GOP will be promoting in a "bus tour," so it sounds like this was a fun time. But Michael Steele isn't holding out hope for another term as RNC chair, because he's too busy concentrating on trying to get that sandwich made the way he likes it. [Peter Hamby]

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