Michele Bachmann Cowers Behind Robot Phalanx To Avoid Voters

I will eat your headCrazed baby-farming Minnesota congresswoman Michele Bachmann has recruited a robot army to stand as a first line of defense between her and her increasingly disillusioned constituents. One voter writes of a chilling episode in which robots called him at home, promising to let him speak with the elusive President-groper, and then hung up on him before he got to ask his question.

Write Karl Bremer gives a firsthand account of the whole sordid episode:

Our 6th District congresswoman isn't known for her robust communication with constituents -- at least those not on her list of supporters. In fact, Bachmann has nurtured a reputation over the years for not communicating with constituents at all, unless it serves to promote herself or her agenda in some way. Rare is the constituent who disagrees with Michele Bachmann and receives even an acknowledgement of a letter, email or phone call.

So it's not surprising that she'd be the enthusiastic user of a service called Tele-Town Hall, which randomly dials households in a politician's district and invites them to stay on the line to participate in a call with their representative.

Of course "participating" means "listening to the politician barf out a bunch of boilerplate garbage for 20 minutes," at the end of which callers are invited to ask questions. But the queue can be so long--and so easily screened by caller name and address--that dissatisfied constituents can be totally ignored. It's a 21st century solution to the age-old problem of people loathing Michele Bachmann!

Bachmann tele-town halls: The politics of exclusion [MinnPost.com]


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