Michele Bachmann Deploying Ego to Fight Scary Bachmannota Invader

Michele Bachmann Deploying Ego to Fight Scary Bachmannota Invader

OMG you guys, you'renever going to guess who's destroying Minnesota Congress-Queen Michele Bachmann and her political career this week. It's not Walter Mondale -- he already destroyed her a few weeks ago. No, this new villain guy is even more popular than Mondale, if you can believe it ... as if that's even possible.

Yes, THE OBAMAR himself is supposed to visit Minnesota at some point in the next few weeks to raise millions of dollars for the Democrat-hussy Tarryl Clark, who seeks to destroy Bachmann for good, with votes. Obama's just the latest fascist-libtard attacking poor Bachmann in the Left's full-on war against her leadership and freedom-dreams. Why are these socialists making her campaign so difficult?

Bachmann's not surprised that the libs are sending Obama to invade her homeland:

After all, I've been one of the most outspoken opponents of his failed policies and far-left agenda. Nancy Pelosi has already targeted me for defeat. It was only a matter of time before Barack Obama set his target on me too.

But she's not gonna just sit around the house munching on Slim-a-Bear ice cream novelties while those far-lefties try to wreck her future! She has a plan, and it involves you giving her some money, according to her latest money-begging email:

Will you stand with me right now and make a generous contribution of any amount up to the legal limit of $2,400? I won't let them bully or intimidate me with attacks and I need to know you are behind me 110%!

We're standing toe-to-toe with these liberals. They're attacking me because I pose the biggest threat to their far-left, destructive agenda. They think if I lose, the Tea Party movement will fold and they will remain in power.

Whoa, somebody's important! Bachmann is definitely very dangerous,, according to Bachmann. But the Tea Party is bigger -- much bigger -- than wee little baby-farming Bachmann. [Michele Bachmann campaign/New York Times]


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