Michele Bachmann Doesn't Want To Get 'Palinized,' Like Sarah Palin, Get It?


Michele Bachmann has sent out a comical fundraisingletter to her violent dingbat fappery of a constituency titled, "Don't let them Palinize me!" She claims that, "With Governor Palin taking a well-deserved step out of the spotlight, it appears that I may be absorbing even more of the liberals' scorn." So give her more money to... not absorb that scorn! But hey wait a minute, what exactly does "Palinize" mean? Michele Bachmann actually cites an Urban Dictionary definition at the end of her letter -- but she doesn't cite all of the Urban Dictionary definitions.

Here are the definitions Bachmann provides from "the" Urban Dictionary:

From the Urban Dictionary:


To smear or mock someone using falsehoods, baseless accusations or unsubstantiated character assassinations for the purpose of blocking them from achieving a goal.

To exaggerate the truth or lie by omission.

To attack a person for his or her conservative values by focusing an inordinate amount of attention on a single example of that person falling short (or being perceived as falling short) of the values they espouse.

Other, less passive Urban Dictionary definitions -- as in, the agent does something terrible, rather than something terrible happens to the agent -- include:

  • To bluster, to speak without saying anything of substance.
  • To flub a television interview.
  • To Randomly repeat talking points regardless of the questions given to you.
  • To avoid giving any substantial answer to a factual question, by means of cobbling together meaningless platitudes; to attempt to fool the listeners and distract their attention by pandering to their prejudices and using one's charm or attractiveness. Inspired by the distinctive style of Alaska governor and former VP candidate Sarah Palin.
  • When someone answers a question without any form of intelligence or foresight. In an attempt to divert from giving a correct answer and in the process sounding unintelligible.
  • The act of firing people who divorce your family members.
  • To use your publicly elected powers for evil.
  • The ability of being able to point out Real America from Fake America

Bachmann: "Don't Let Them Palinize Me!" [TPM]


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