• Israel should change its name to "Iran," because then Barack Obama would bake it a cake and be nice to it forever. [Matt Yglesias]

  • An unemployed Frenchman will probably serve "life in Bagram" for hacking into the Presidential Twatter Account. [The Hill: Twitter Room]

  • Michele Bachmann is literally Nostradamus because she correctly predicted that Obama is literally Hitler. [Think Progress]

  • Correction: Obama is literally a King, because he regulates banks -- the #1 favorite pastime of all monarchs since the dawn of civilization. [The Corner]

  • Today is Friday, that day when you're supposed to just chill the fuck out and say "thank God" whilst drowning your face in Happy Hour specials. But for Erick Erickson, Friday is just another dapper day for inciting terrible violence on the internets. [RedState]


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