Did Michele Bachmann share a sexy classified scoop about attacks on Pakistan's nukular sites during last night's GOP debate? Is she already sharing a cell with Bradley Manning, in the one twist of fate that could possibly worsen America's inhumane/unconstitutional torture of Manning?

Bachmann claimed that "six attempts have already been made on nuclear sites" in Pakistan, by thieving socialist jihadists seeking to redistribute the world's nuclear arsenal, which maybe the public didn't know about, but then again maybe the public didn't know either that Barack Obama has totally been holding sex parties with the leaders of Iran, according to a different dimwitted statement she also made in the debate?

Here is a National Journal fact-checker sighing to himself as he contemplates the nuances of the eternal Michele Bachmann Challenge:

Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann serves on the House Intelligence Committee, so her comments on Pakistan’s nuclear program represent either a news-making leak of previously unknown classified information or another in her recent series of seemingly-random, and highly inaccurate, public comments.

Ha ha, an "Intelligence" club, that would allow Michele Bachmann to join! This says a lot, about America. Speaking of intelligence, CNN's "Truth Squad" has meaningfully consulted the Internet about Bachmann's claim, and they have found that someone somewhere already reported "six things happening near Pakistan's nuclear sites," so it seems less likely to be a "leak" than some thing Michele Bachmann Googled one night and typically ran through her trademark filter of failed reading comprehension skills:

According to Jane's Terrorism and Insurgency Centre, six incidents at sites considered known or likely nuclear installations in Pakistan have occurred. But they do not appear to represent threats to the country's nuclear arsenal: a suicide bomber drove a motorcycle into the side of a bus and killed eight air force personnel; seven people were wounded in a school bus bomb explosion; a munitions factory blast killed scores of civilians; a suicide attack killed a civilian, a vehicle-borne IED killed 33; and militants assaulted a naval aviation station.

Oh, Internet, this is how you want to spend your Thanksgiving holiday, trying to figure out if Michele Bachmann is insane? [Crooks and Liars/National Journal/CNN]


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