Michele Bachmann on the Road to Harrisdom

Minnesota congresswoman and President-abuser Michele Bachmann lost her first of what is sure to be many chiefs of staff last month, as Brooks Kochvar departed her office to go work for a sensible person from Oregon.

Brooks' last day with Bachmann was March 9. Naturally, a phone call to her office a month later elicited a confused response:

Bachmann had not announced Kochvar's departure and when a call was placed to her office on Tuesday, a woman who answered the phone said Kochvar was "out." She then said he was away taking care of his grandfather.

Brooks was, of course, back in Washington working for someone else. This sort of confusion is typical on Capitol Hill, of course. If you work for a crazy person.

Bachmann's Chief of Staff Departs After 2 Months [Strib]


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