Michele Bachmann just wanted to let you all know that not only is she an American hero, she also has an American hero: anti-feminist andriot-starter Phyllis Schlafly, whom Bachmann describes in an interview with wingnut paranoia clearinghouse WND as "the most consequential female woman in public policy in the last 50 years of the 20th Century." And why is she such a consequential female woman? Well how does being personally responsible for the end of the Cold War grab you?

Here is One-L's train of thought:

"Had there not been a Phyllis Schlafly, I believe that we wouldn't have seen a rise of the pro-family movement. Had there not been a rise of the pro-family movement, I don't believe that there would have been a Ronald Reagan. Without a President Ronald Reagan, I don't think we would have seen the ability to defeat the evil, and yes that's what it was, Soviet empire and to bring a conclusion to the Cold War. Just as Ronald Reagan was consequential, Phyllis Schlafly was extremely consequential because she was a tee to tee up this president that we had."

As the smartasses at Crooks & Liars ask,

So does that mean we can blame Schlafly for our current income disparity problems, the economic inequality that has sprung up over the past two decades, and the mess in the Middle East as well as Central America?

We would also like to compliment the WND video for its very very classy use of Bach's "Sleepers Awake," a subtle public-domain nod to J.S. Bach's penchant for conspiracy theories -- few know that the original title of "Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme" was "Wake up, Sheeple!"

Also, Schlafly was the greatest geopolitical mind of her generation, and she was easily the smartest woman who ever took on feminism and the left:

Phyllis was willing to be everything feminists wish they were, decades before feminists figured out that they needed to be independent women in their own right ... Phyllis was already there. And so rather than lifting Phyllis Schlafly as the tremendous role model that she has consistently been throughout the decades, she was slashed and slashed by the feminists when she was exactly the epitome of what I think they had hoped to be.

Now ladies, please quit taking jobs from men, get married, and have babies.

[RightWingWatch via Crooks & Liars]

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