Michele Bachmann's Other Fan Writes a Letter

The most successful "grass roots" campaign in political history continues to produce results: A second Letter to the Editor praising baby-farming Jesus freak Michele Bachmann has been published.

Bachmann's staff sent an e-mail to supporters earlier this month begging them to write nice things about her. After all, she has personally had or purchased more than a hundred babies and her husband has long battled homosexuality. Oh, and she tried to rape the president in January, on live teevee.

Anyway, the crusade first saw success last week when a Republican Hill staffer got a letter published in the St. Cloud Times. Now that same paper -- which is apparently run by utter tools -- has printed a new letter, this time from Bachmann's staffer's son. You can read this very convincing epistle, after the jump.

Letter: Remember how much Bachmann has done

As a St. John's University political science student and an observant viewer of the news, it has come to my attention that the media has an unprecedented obsession with Minnesota's 6th Congressional member Michele Bachmann.

I never can recall a local politician who has been scrutinized as much as this individual.

From a little background information, I've learned that this congresswoman is not only working on behalf of her constituents, but she is a mother of five biological children and 23 foster children.

In addition, I learned her husband runs a small business by helping to counsel people. If there is a family that has contributed a lot to society, it seems the Bachmanns would fit that description.

Yet, the media here in Minnesota won't leave her alone. If she hangs onto the president's shoulder or misspeaks every once in a while, the media does their best to make sure everyone knows. Contrarily, they forget about all the great things that she and her family have contributed to our state.

Let's be realistic and treat Congresswoman Bachmann with respect.

Ben Harper


Very good work, Ben! Your mom, Bachmann's director of constituent services, must be so proud of you. Or maybe not, considering the 99% likelihood that she wrote it.

We are going to start writing letters to the St. Cloud Times, because those idiots will apparently print anything.

Six Degrees of Michele Bachmann: New Letter to Editor by Staffer's Son [Minnesota Monitor]


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