OMG you guys, this is more awesome than a Night Ranger/Styx double-bill: According to the teabagging fetishist websiteEnsuring Liberty, "rock star" Congressvixen Michele Bachmann will be performing LIVE and IN CONCERT at a virtual town hall meeting tonight at 8 PM EST, with fellow Congressional "rock star" Steve King as her opening act. Real America's two greatest talents will perform a set of shriek-y fight-the-power ballads about "the disasterous [sic] implications of the Dodd Financial Reform Bill," and other things that make them feel all emo inside. Then they'll answer questions from viewers at home -- that's you, maybe! -- about their latest collaborative EP, We Poop Flags, available at Walmarts and feed mills now.

Don't miss this all-star online extravaganza! Head over to Ensuring Liberty's website RIGHT NOW and click on the clip-arty "Register" button (it's on the left). It will take you to a screen where you punch in your email address and send it to some Internet goblin who will respond with directions, URLs, and rules ("no questions about playing Joseph McCarthy in the bedroom," "no questions about eating barbed wire for lunch," etc.).

When it's time for the show to start (remember, it's time-zone sensitive!), grab your six-pack of Hamm's and head down to your basement computer terminal, where you will type in some things and hopefully be able to take part in this glorious opportunity. Please save your chats and send the evidence to your Wonkette.


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