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Barack Obama's been getting hugs and kisses galore for the comedy routine he performed for Scarlett Johansson and other hardscrabble White House "correspondents," but where is the adoration for Real American stage actress Michelle Bachmann? The other day she gave a masterful performance of her new Off-Broadway show, I'm Not a Betting, Casino-Type Woman, as dinner theater for some freedom-fighting Marylanders. But so far nobody's been HuffPo'ing or Tweeting about her talents, because of sexism. Obama's Net Neutrality monsters and Bill Ayers are totally splitting a bottle of tequila over this.

Meanwhile, a terrible liberal newspaper is making the outrageous claim that Bachmann is spending lots of money on her staff without making them do any government work. The St. Cloud Times, which is the New York Times of Bachmann's Congressional district, says she belongs to fewer committees than her coworkers in the Minnesota delegation. Yet grew her staff salary budget by "a whopping 26.4 percent" between 2008 and 2009 -- and "her congressional workload didn’t appear to change."

One explanation for this, the Times says, is that she's got her staffers working on reelection things instead of running-the-government things, which "makes it difficult to determine when one’s congressional duties end and campaign duties begin."

Isn't it more beneficial to America if Michelle Bachmann and her staff aren't distracted by government things? America doesn't need her votes, but it does profit spiritually from her inspiring comedy shows. Let's not hold back one of America's greatest performers. [St. Cloud Times]


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