Michelle Malkin Is Furious That David Rohde Is Twittering From Iran, Because Doesn't He Care About Iranian National Security?


  • Here is FBI footage of Marion Barry at what is obviously a Victor Uwaifo concert, and look, Marion is dancing the Crip Walk! -- which unfortunately for him is a massive violation of his parole. Will Barry do time for dabbling in a little harmless inverted heel-toe, or will he manage to beat the charges? [Flickr]

  • Oh hey it's Iran's favorite squirt gun salesman Oliver North, the American Hero who wore necklaces made of human skulls during his 100 voluntary tours in Vietnam. And he's teaming up with a few zany Congressloons to bring you: Judeo-Christian Sovereignty Force, which is a new and very humorous cartoon on Adult Swim. [TPM]

  • State Rep. Cynthia Davis (R-MO) hates how Big Government gives "food handouts" to impoverished children, because God knows they probably just spend all that food on alcohol and even if they don't, "Hunger can be a positive motivator." [Think Progress]

  • Why is New York Times journalist David Rohde safe when our military is in infinite peril? So typical, especially because we all know who threatens our National Security: yes you, David Rohde, and all the other blabbermouth journalists! [Michelle Malkin]

  • Aspiring Florida Senator Marco Rubio has been fantasizing on Twitter about how great it would be if everyone in Iran had a gun, because guns have prevented suspicious elections in Florida many many times, more times than we could count without having to recount just to make sure we counted correctly. [HuffPost]


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