Michelle Malkin Knows Just Who Is To Blame For Withholding Sandy Relief (It Is Obama Duh)


We should stop being surprised when the party of personal responsibility blames EVERYONE ELSE for its own failures, time and time again. But somehow, we are still surprised! Every single time! We should also stop being surprised when Fox News decides that it can present a completely opposite vision of reality with a totally straight face, and yet, it is still surprising! EVERY SINGLE TIME, maybe someone can help us figure out why that is. Anyway, today Fox News is going to explain at us about Sandy relief, and why it is Obama's fault that it has been delayed.

Steve Doody starts out just observing how INTERESTING it is that Obama is on vacation in Hawaii when just 60 days ago he was palling around with Chris Christie, promising no-strings-attached federal aid, isn't that INTERESTING? Yes, it is so INTERESTING, Steve Doody. So INTERESTING that Steve Doody then plays a clip of Obama stating that he doesn't want red tape or obstructionism getting in the way of Sandy relief, and expresses his OUTRAGE that the Sandy relief bill was "loaded up with a bunch of pork." Did Steve Doody not take Civics 101? Because if he did, he'd understand that the legislative branch, not the executive branch, makes legislation. And did Steve Doody never learn how to read? Because if he had, he'd be able to verify for himself that this "pork" is going to districts impacted by Sandy and Isaac.

Now here comes Michelle Malkin, mock-golf-clapping at Obama for pretending to care about Sandy victims (and sounding more and more like Ann Coulter these days, amiright?), explaining exactly whose fault this is and plugging her stupid website. She is OUTRAGED, just OUTRAGED, just like Doody, because of all this pork that does not exist, since she too cannot read apparently and has never taken Civics 101.

Oh, and John Boehner, about whom a Republican or two had some not nice things to say, regarding this selfsame hurricane relief bill? Boehner who?



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