Michelle Obama Brags To Child About Fancy Sweet Potato Fries

According to most people, journalism has seen better days, and as an industry/art form/whatever you want to call it, is really just sending reluctant, furloughed editors to set up subscription booths at the nearest Walgreen's andhoping for the best. But there are still young people in this country who want to see journalism survive as more than just a thing that helps interpret trending Twitter topics for Olds. There are young people like 11-year-old Topanga Sena, who want to ask the tough questions that aren't being answered - questions like, "If you, First Lady Michelle Obama, had magical powers, what great gift would you bestow upon your Obese Nation?"

Young Topanga is a reporter for the Scholastic News Kids Press Corps, which is apparently some sort of liberal group that allows lady reporters to wear simple orange polos rather than the standard cleavage shirt and clown-hooker makeup. In a new video of Topanga's February interview with our FLOTUS, she questions the First Lady about the federal government's control of bake sales, something weighing heavily on the minds of elementary school children everywhere.

Obama told Topanga Sena, a young Scholastic News reporter, that 'Let’s Move!’ is "not about having government tell people what to do, because government doesn't have all the answers."

“I don't believe in absolute 'no's' to anything, because that wouldn't make life fun,” Obama told Sena. “What would life be without the bake sale, right?”

Conservative pundits and outlets such as the Drudge Report reported last year that Obama wanted to ban French fries in restaurants after the parent company of Olive Garden and Red Lobster announced that it was working on creating healthier options for its children's menus. The first lady addressed the controversy by talking about her love of French fries.

Here is that important part of the video where Michelle Obama addresses her love of french fries, and also brags about the elitist (and Muslim and communist) "healthy" fries served at the White House.



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