'Michelle Obama' Has Thoughts On Kanye West, And Other Outbound Links!


Hey, remember when Kanye West had someThoughts (though he sadly neglected to apply bell hooks' critique of Sheryl Sandberg's lack of intersectionality in his exegesis of classism) on how Michelle Obama couldn't wave her ass around like his girl could? Well 'Michelle Obama' responds!

You'll want to take five minutes out of your day and read this, because shit is fucked-up and bullshit.

A late addition! You want to read Ken Layne on Halloween and glamorous death, which is coming for us all soon enough.

Who should play Teddy Roosevelt in the new Doris Kearns Goodwin Teddy Roosevelt to-do? We're gonna go with "Ron Swanson."

This treatise on just why those kids shopping at Barney's might have wanted $2500 handbags and $350 belts is really beautiful. (This old Cracked piece touches on the same issues from a different angle, and is equally fucking true.)

Man, law professors will sue over anything.

Rebecca Schoenkopf

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