Michelle Obama Would Like To Teach Your Child How To 'Dougie'

Michelle Obama Would Like To Teach Your Child How To 'Dougie'

Finally, after a few boring weeks of now-forgottenaviation incidents and answering kids’ dumb questions over and over, our FLOTUS had a pretty great week! And she deserved it, because the stress from all that bin Laden business was starting to make the vegetables wilt. But the blood of Osama has revived the veggies, and with them, the spirit of the Let’s Move! campaign. Last week, Michelle Obama encouraged all the children to do something called a “Dougie,” apparently to benefit their physical fitness.

Michelle Obama visited Alice Deal Middle School on Tuesday to participate in a “Flash Workout,” which is when children drop all their Oreos to spontaneously break into a pre-choreographed dance. You have probably already seen this video of Michelle dancing to Beyoncé with her Army of Youths, because it is all over the YouTube. But perhaps you have not read about it in the UK’s Guardian.

Barack Obama shook the world with the seismic news that his near-namesake was, almost literally, sleeping with the fishes. But the next day, it was his wife Michelle doing the shaking. Shaking that ass, to be precise.

Excuse us, United Kingdom, some respect please? This is the First Lady of the United States. She does not just “shake that ass.” She does so much more than that.

Footage has emerged of Michelle Obama throwing shapes in front of hundreds of American high-school students to the strains of Beyoncé's “Move Your Body.” And how she moves hers. First Obama shuffles slowly, gracefully on the spot. Then, seconds later, she flips into gear, grinding from side to side, rolling her hips, and twisting her fists through the air like she's driving a souped-up Hummer.

And it is just as wonderful as it sounds! Here is the video of our FLOTUS doing these hip-hop dance moves, in case you somehow managed to not see it:

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Blair Burke (blairelinor@gmail.com) obsessively follows Michelle Obama's every move for "The FLOTUS Files," which appears every Monday here at your Wonkette.


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