Michelle Obama's Last Pre-Post-Osama Act: Letting Kids In the White House

Michelle Obama's Last Pre-Post-Osama Act: Letting Kids In the White House

Before we were living in a "post-Osama world," Michelle Obama was just doing her thing last week, working in the garden and hanging out with kids. She even invited a bunch of children to the White House, just to do that "Take Your Child to Work Day," a tradition that allows children to skip school so they can bring chaos to grown-up offices by spilling juice boxes and screaming about iCarly. The White Housecelebrates Take Your Child to Work Day, because it's not like they have things to accomplish, and on Thursday, the Executive Office children got to ask Michelle Obama all of their urgent questions, like, “How many vegetables are in your vegetable garden?” and “What is your actual job?”

About 200 White House staffers' spawn got to sit down for a chat with our FLOTUS, even though some of the children were apparently unsure about who their parents were, or why they were at the White House.

Mrs. Obama said that their parents are working at the White House to “help make life better for you and for millions of other kids not just here in the United States but around the country.”

A humorous “Question and Answer” session then ensued -- especially when a few kids weren’t exactly clear what it is exactly that their parents do for work. Ten-year-old Cynthia informed the First Lady that her mom works for the “Science and Technology thingy.”

“We value her service at the thingy,” Mrs. Obama said back.

Eight-year-old Daniel said his dad is the head of European Affairs .... ”I think,” he added unsure of himself.

Cynthia’s mother probably told her not to bother remembering the name of her department, because soon it will all be turned into war chambers and book incinerators, for Freedom!

Our FLOTUS looked lovely as ever, and even managed to give a brilliant, yet passive-aggressive slap on the wrist to the son of a White House pastry chef when he said he ate a pastry during his pre-post-Osama Take Your Child to Work experience, at 0:14.

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Blair Burke (blairelinor@gmail.com) obsessively follows Michelle Obama's every move for "The FLOTUS Files," which appears every Monday here at your Wonkette.


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